Interactive Maps

Voting America's interactive maps allow users to find county-level data from historical census and presidential election returns. Currently, we provide two frameworks for exploring this information, Google Earth and Adobe Flash. These interactive views provide granular looks at particular places and comparisons of how different communities voted since the 1840s.

Interactive America

Note: This visualization requires Flash.

Voting America in Google Maps

The Digital Scholarship Lab has teamed up with Google to make the Voting America maps available in Google Earth and Maps, providing a county-level portrait of how Americans have voted in every U.S. presidential election since 1980.

To explore Voting America in Google Maps:

- Go to our Google Maps elections page.

To explore Voting America in Google Earth:

  • Download and install Google Earth
  • Download the Voting America layer (elections.kmz), and open in Google Earth. You can do this in two ways:
    (a) Double-click on the layer, which will open Google Earth, or (b) in Google Earth click on File > Open and then select the "elections.kmz" layer.